Poor Ghosty has lost his touch navigating through the cave and he needs help floating back to the home he will simply never reach... his home is unfortunately separated by a never ending procedurally generated cave system. Do your best and see how far you can get Ghosty down the cave! Feel free to comment your score.


[Left Mouse] - Float  Up


Checkout the artist who made the assets.

Ghosty - GrafxKid
UI - Kicked in Teeth
Mouse Cursor - Mikiz
Music - joshuuu
Font - Void

Developer Notes

To anyone taking the time to read through this... It's been a while now since I've released a game with everything going on in life right now. Spent a lot of time on this project relearning skills I lost from the break but I'm trying to work on spreading out my work load a bit more so I don't burnout like I did back after Dagger Toss. Took some inspiration from flappy bird on this project and just worked off a weird camera rotation bug that I ran into lol. Overall it was a frustratingly easy project. Thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoy the game.

Update Notes

+ Screenshots
+ Downloads for Windows/Mac/Linux
Developed In Unity 2020.3.20f1


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Ghosty Go v1.0 (Windows).zip 31 MB
Dagger Toss v1.0 (Linux).zip 37 MB
Ghosty Go v1.0 (MacOSx).zip 40 MB


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Cool game, managed to get 15.



Nice game! But it is very hard. My best result was 4. About 10 minutes.

Ah dang! thanks for playing keep grinding that score!