Do you have the dagger throwing skills and senses to toss your dagger into the apple? Test your skills through 10 unique levels and become the dagger tossing champion of the world! Channel your abilities and throw your daggers with precision and you will succeed as long as you do not make contact with the daggers already inside... you must hit the apple or else you will restart the level! Take your time and throw wisely.


[Left Mouse] - Throw Daggers

Jam Submission

Submission for: Trijam #128
Theme: "Throw it to me"
Time Frame: July 9th - July 12th 2021
Rules: Must be coded in 3 hours.

Time Breakdown
Planning - 2 hours
Page Design / Art - 1 hour
Coding Time - 4 hours
Bug Fixing - 2 hours

The game is finished but could also be expanded on.


Checkout the artist who made the assets.

Dagger - Bangbloom
Apple - Arthur Lessa
Mouse Cursor - Mikiz
Background - JakPer
Volume UIKicked in Teeth
Other Sounds - Sidearm Studios

Developer Notes

Thank you to anyone who checked out this game! This game took a lot of effort to create because balancing the levels was very tricky and making them unique took some creativity. I got inspired to create this game from playing the Ketchapp mobile game "Knife Hit" which contains a lot of similar game mechanics. The game is "finished" but I could easily create some more levels but each level takes a lot of time to build and balance. For a beginner this really feels like a complete game and I feel proud to share this work publicly after working on it for roughly 9 or 10 hours total. Thanks again to everyone who participated in this jam with me and played my game. I would love any kind of feedback or ratings in relation to this project!

Update Notes

v2.0 - In Development

Developed In Unity 2020.3.11f1


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Dagger Toss v1.0 (Windows).zip 23 MB
Dagger Toss v1.0 (MacOSx).zip 32 MB
Dagger Toss v1.0 (Linux).zip 37 MB


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Good Game! I love this pixel art



Dude your games r always so dope. Made an account so i could save them broo

love the support <3

nice work, i love the style you pick for each one of your games. Very very fun!

appreciate it man :)

I really like how each level is different in difficulty

thanks for playing. making each level definitely took some time

I love ittt such a fun game :)!

thank you!