Welcome to Planet Colonizer, my very first game jam game! Insert a coin to begin propelling your rocket through the galaxy. Try to colonize as many planets as you can along the way before you reach the worm hole at the end or crash your ship. Your people are depending on you to find more planets to colonize. When you colonize a planet they will change color and your species will prosper within those lands. Get out there and colonize as many planets in the galaxy as you can with your rocket. Your people need you!


[A & D] / [Left Arrow & Right Arrow] - Move Rocket


Submission for: LM0B Beginners Game Jam #28
Theme: Arcade
Time Frame: 5 Days

  1. Fun - Is the game fun?
    Yes the game is pretty fun/addicting.
  2. Free Bugs - Were there a lot of bugs/ glitches . Make sure to give time to test before submitting?
    The game is 99% bug free. Small collision bug on sides of the planets.
  3. Theme - How well does the game incorporate and interpret the theme?
    I Think I nailed the "Arcade" theme. Especially with the  "Insert Coin".
  4. Audio - Was the sound and sound effects good or bad?
    Sounds fit perfect with the games theme.
  5. Mechanics - how  did the game feel movement wise and its ability to do what it intended?
    The movement could be a little better but it adds difficulty.
  6. Originality - same old stuff or was there something that stood out?
    Not very original but a concept that I could complete.  

Comment your thoughts down below in the comment section.

Developer Notes

Just want to say thanks to everyone who participated in this jam with me or supported me in the development process. This was my very first game jam and although it was stressful and time consuming I'm very proud of the way my product turned out! Any kind of feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. Big shoutout to Legacy Mob Games for hosting this jam and all the participants in the discord who made this jam fun, this was a very enjoyable community to be apart of :)


Checkout these artist. Without them this game would not be possible.

Background ImageScreamingbrainstudios
Space AssetsFungifurball
CoinJan Schneider
Crash ZoneWenrexa
Volume UIKicked in Teeth
Keyboard UIXphere
Mouse PointerMikiz
Music - VizuDraws
Other Sounds - Sidearm Studios

Developed In Unity 2020.2.2f1

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMitchell Todd
Tags2D, colonizer, Flying, galaxy, im0b28, jumping, Singleplayer, Space, Unity


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Planet Colonizer v1.0 (Windows).zip 23 MB
Planet Colonizer v1.0 (MacOSx) 32 MB


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Jams are fun! great way to network

Very unexpected dynamics of the rocket movement. A mix of platformer game and spaceship simulator, creating a fun. Cool!

Thanks for playing, This was a fun jam :)!

Love this, I'm just as bad at it as I am every game but I really enjoyed it! The space theme for this game concept is really nice. 

Thanks for using my font, it works really nicely with the game aesthetics!

Definitely keep your eye out for more projects of mine with this font, i really dig it!

Aw thank you so much! And I definitely will!

Seriously, the best indie game I have ever played. (Not joking)

too kind! thanks so much, that really makes me feel good about the progress im making with games


Game is very easy to play and sleek. Love seeing these original feeling type of games in the communities.

Thanks bro appreciate it!

This game is really good! It’s simple and fun. I really like the coin idea it definitely fits with the theme.

thank you :) the coin was definitely one of my favourite parts of this project!

Very nice art work and theme implementation. Rate it as well😁

Thanks so much :)

This is a very cute take to a Doodle jump!! Loved the theme and the assets used, and as another comment said it doesn't have any visible glitches!!

I just wish the controls were less soapy haha


thanks for playing! i definitely would of liked to add mouse pointer as a way to control the rocket also

I love the space style games this is a cool one. Not very glitchy either

Like i mentioned there is a very very small chance of getting a collider bug but its pretty bugless

Nice work, keep it up! literally keep the rocket up lol