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That was so hard. But Fun Awesome game

Thanks for playing !!

A Hidden Indie Gem!, Absolutely Loved It, Keep Up The Good Work!

Thanks for the love and support!! :D

A fun and challenging game! Different assets are brought together very well.

Thanks, glad you liked the game :)!


Thank you for playing!!

can you teach me how to make a game in unity I only use scratch ):>

i love ittt

thx lol

What a powerful commentary on climate change that King Flies are found in city dumpsters, but not in the swamps :D

Those car thuds were vicious... And I heard them, like, 9000 times before I finished level 10 :D

I feel like a timer for how fast you finish a level, and a leaderboard for best times might make this rather replayable :)

The car sounds were so nice ;) thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

Very clean and refined game. I appreciate the work and effort towards the sound effects and visuals in the game. Simple but yet the sounds and visuals put it together.

Always appreciate the support, thanks man

This game is very cute and fun. I'm very happy to be a part of this.  😇🤗

PS: No one respects the frog in this game.

Appreciate the feedback :) Your assets make games so easy to make. Thanks again!!

Yo this is actually pretty good for a beginner LMAO nice work my guy!

haha thanks you so much :)

I liked the feel of the frogs movement, all the animations were nice :)

Thank you, the movement was pretty hard to get SPOT on but it worked out well!

Nice game. Very similar to Crossy Road.

Level 9 is very different in difficulty from all the previous ones.

Thank you :) I find level 8 is hard too, gotta make those legs hop fast.. haha